Building Performance Contractors Association

CIP's Requirements Pathway

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  1. Request for Rater Approval from Rater candidate is received by HERS Manager;
    • request shall include resume/experience and proof of passing the National Rater Test.
  2. HERS Manager shall review application/inquiry and respond with BPCA Rater Certification Pathway and Requirements. HERS Manager to arrange for a BPCA Quality Assurance Designee or Delegate to serve as a resource for the candidate.
  3. Candidate shall submit at least five (5) REM files to the HERS Manager
    • 1 file from HERS training or equivalent
    • 4 additional files from existing and/or new house projects
      • New home projects can be solicited by the candidate, but cannot be submitted as Labeled Homes unless done so by a certified Rater currently active and in good standing with BPCA. If the candidate chooses and with mutual agreement, the QA Designee or Delegate can submit the completed rating as a Labeled Home.
      • If available, candidate shall provide scaled prints (electronic or otherwise) or clear dimensioned sketches of the home for 2 of the projects;
      • (5) REM files will be reviewed by the HERS Manager or a BPCA QA Designee or Delegate. The five (5) files must be deemed “satisfactory” by the HERS Manager or a BPCA QA Designee or Delegate. Additional file submissions may be required based on this initial review.
  4. Field Visits: At least 1 field visit by the BPCA QA Designee or Delegate shall be conducted at the location of one of the four homes used for the REM file evaluation to review field practices of the candidate. The candidate will be evaluated on the following:
    • Accuracy of the REM file as compared the as built condition
    • Ability to identify Thermal Bypasses and make recommendations for 100% compliance with Thermal Bypass Checklist
    • Demonstrate competency with final testing protocols including, blower door, duct leakage, CAZ depressurization, CO detection, combustible gas leak detection.
    • Demonstrated knowledge of NYSERDA & LIPA program requirements for Energy Star Labeled Homes

If the QA Designee or Delegate and HERS manager are not satisfied with the initial visit, additional visit(s) (at an additional cost to the candidate) will be required.

After the candidate Rater has successfully demonstrated competency during the field visit, the QA Designee or Delegate shall provide a written report to the BPCA HERS committee with the recommendation that the Rater candidate become a fully active. Upon approval of the BPCA HERS committee, and verification by the HERS Manager that all requirements are met, the CIPs title will be removed but will be on a supervised probationary period.

During this time the new Rater will be required to have a QA Designee or Delegate provide a complete QA file and on-site review of the first home they are rating. This may include field visits during construction for verification of compliance with Thermal Bypass Checklist requirements. The results of the file review and on-site shall be reviewed and if satisfactory, the probation period will end. The home being reviewed for this can be counted as a production QA check for RESNET.

For more information about completing the CIPS process and becoming a BPCA Rater, please contact Rick Terry, 914.275.3588,