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Building Energy Modeler
Posted: September 20, 2013

Retroficiency is seeking an experienced Building Energy Modeler to support the technical aspects of product research and development, energy engineering, and the sales process. You will be responsible for the technical and financial analysis of a full range of energy solutions, including, but not limited to, the following outlined below.

Duties and Responsibilities
Advanced building energy simulation modeling of commercial facilities using standardized energy modeling software programs (EnergyPlus, eQuest, or equivalent DOE2.2 engine-based simulations) to quantify and prioritize potential energy savings and demand reduction opportunities

Technical and engineering support for Retroficiency’s internal product development, including complex sub-hourly energy benchmarking, the development of strategic planning tools specifically for energy-efficiency portfolio assessments, and building energy modeling

Participate in comprehensive energy audits of commercial, institutional, and industrial clients to identify and develop energy reduction opportunities, as well as associated estimates of cost and energy savings

Technical and engineering support of the sales process, including participation in sales meetings, proposal development, and feasibility studies


The candidate should have a demonstrated understanding of building energy systems and related design, implementation, operational, and cost issues. The candidate should be prepared for increased responsibility in a rapidly growing company.

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