Building Performance Contractors Association

NAHB's National Green Builder Verification Training

to Become an Accredited Green Building Verifier

Speaker Bio

Jeff Taggart
National Green Building Certification Training Manager

Currently, Mr. Taggart is the lead trainer for the National Green building Certification Program. Jeff is training, both on-line and in the classroom, a new national network of accredited 3rd party inspectors (verifiers) to be a resource for builders interested in certifying new or remodeled buildings under the national program.

Jeff has also managed the NHQ Certified Trade Contractor Program, and has been involved with the program since it transitioned from a research project to a national program, almost five years ago. Jeff was responsible for managing a team of consultants, client relations and program development. Jeff consults with trade contractors to implement quality assurance systems to increase their productivity and reduce callbacks.

Previously, Jeff participated in a train-the-trainer project in Central America and the Caribbean where the Research Center trained builders of low-income housing in disaster mitigation construction.

Prior to joining the Research Center Jeff worked extensively in teaching and training both in the United States and abroad. He earned a MA from Georgetown University in Latin American Studies/Economics in 1999.

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