Building Performance Contractors Association

Building Science Workshop

with Joseph Lstiburek, Ph.D., P. Eng. and Terry Brennan

Workshop Agenda

7:00 am

Registration Begins & Continental Breakfast

8:00 am


12:15 pm


1:00 pm


5:15 pm

Workshop Adjourns

Workshop Outline

  • Introduction
    Key concepts to be covered
    Changes to building technology
    The house system concept
  • Rain and Ground Water
    Drainage planes
    Brick and stucco
    Synthetic stucco problems
  • Pressures and Mechanical Systems
    Air pressures in houses
    Wind effects
    Stack effects
    HVAC effects
  • Condensation Details
    Relative humidity and moisture
    Mold and mildew
    Airtightness of houses and air change
  • Construction Details
    Building enclosure air leakage
    How to find holes
    How to fix the holes you find
  • Moisture
    Putting it all together
    Rain and ground water leakage
    Capillarity and siding/trim problems
    Vapor barriers and air barriers
    Walls, roofs and foundations
  • Carbon Monoxide and Indoor Air Quality
    Combustion safety
    Fireplace draft
    Allergy-free housing
    Materials selection
    Exclusion and source control
    Filtration, dilution and ventilation
  • Problem Solving
    Specific problems
    Ice damming
    Comfort/heating bill complaints
  • Terry's Top 10 Things to do with the Enclosure and the Mechanical System

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