Building Performance Contractors Association


Goals & Objectives

BPCA/NYS Goals Benefit to Building Performance Contractors
1. To educate the New York State marketplace on the advantages of high performance buildings and energy ratings and to provide ways for consumers to identify contractors capable of delivering energy ratings and  measured building performance.
  • More work for quality building performance contractors
  • Less time spent educating consumers just to get a sale
2. To assist in the development of marketing partnerships between local contractors, utilities, manufacturers, mortgage bankers and other key participants in the building renovation and construction market.
  • More leads
  • Lower marketing costs
  • Subsidies for marketing and training.
3. To develop, distribute and promote cost- effective marketing and technical tools that increase the quality, quantity and profitability of energy ratings, diagnostics and    installations performed by building performance contractors.
  • Increased sales ratios
  • Increased job profits
  • Lower overhead
  • Higher job productivity
4. To form partnerships and contractual relationships with accrediting entities and trainers to develop and maintain a high standard of quality of energy ratings, building diagnostics and installations in residential and small commercial buildings.
  • Identification of quality building performance contractors
  • Protection of the reputation of a new market from newcomers trying to make a quick buck without providing value to consumers.
5. To form partnerships and contractual relationships that improve the ability of contractors to access consumer loans,
energy efficiency mortgages and other financing.
  • More sales with quick access to low cost financing.
6. To promote local economic development that utilizes the benefits of job creation, job training, and the economic benefits of energy efficiency.
  • Better access to job training
  • Job creation funds to help your business grow
7. To represent the interests of the association and its members in the New York State and national political and regulatory arenas.
  • A place at the table when government decisions are being made that affect the future of your business.
8. To promote and assist in the professional development of the members of the association.
  • A chance to grow personally along with the growth of your business.
9. To conduct public relations activities that bring the activities of the association and its members to the attention of the press and  media.
  • Public recognition for our work.
10. To administer the business of the association in an efficient and professional manner.
  • A professional organization to represent professionals