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The Building Performance Contractors Association of NYS (BPCA/NYS)

The Building Performance Contractors Association of New York State (BPCA/NYS), is a not-for-profit statewide trade association of more than 200 building performance contractors, home energy raters, building diagnosticians, energy auditors, engineers, architects and consultants. BPCA/NYS provides training and technical assistance in the promotion of high performance building standards that addresses health and safety, building durability, energy-efficiency, and comfort issues through applied building science. Check out the BPCA Executive Director’s Blog.

BPCA Mentor-mobile at the ready!

The BPCA Mentor-mobile is a state-of-the-art training lab that has been designed to come to your worksite – with a highly experienced expert BPCA technical trainer – to work alongside your team while delivering advanced building science training and hands-on mentoring that can reduce errors and increase effectiveness.  It is fully equipped with all the equipment necessary to teach advanced energy efficiency installation topics.  If the training is held at your site, the subsidized price can include a customized curriculum that’s determined by your input - no extra charge.  Call (or email) Conrad to talk about having the BPCA Mentor-mobile at one of your project sites.  607-327-0583 or and check our calendar to see existing Mentor-mobile training dates.

BPCA teams up with CDI and NYSERDA to support veterans

The Building Performance Contractors Association (BPCA) and the Cooperative Development Institute (CDI) have formed a partnership to create jobs for returning veterans through the development of cooperative worker-owned business that perform energy efficiency remodeling services. Veterans returning from Iraq and Afghanistan indicate they have difficulty re-integrating back into the workforce and adjusting to a life that is devoid of mission and teamwork. And meanwhile, BPCA’s mission of energy efficiency needs the dedication that veterans bring. Veterans are perfect for working in the building performance industry.

  •  They are used to working in teams
  • They are accustomed to using a combination of mind, body, and technology to get things done
  •  They are familiar with a high level of coordination and discipline
  •  They are not easily deterred by adverse conditions (eg: the attic of a 140-year-old building)

In our experience, most organizations that purport to help veterans are just out to generate funding. BPCA invites NY veterans to plug in and prove that this effort is not one of those. More information available here

Check out this outreach letter for more information.

Attention all Members!

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