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March 5-9, 2018
Green Jobs Training Center, Howard Beach, NY

MFBO is a four day class which is meant to introduce Building Operators to basic Building Science and how to apply these basic principles to the efficient operation of their buildings. It particularly concentrates on how to efficiently run a buildings heating equipment and how to maintain it for the full length of its design life. It applies to both types of Hydronic Heating: Steam Heating and Hot Water Heating. The course also covers basic maintenance information and how to conduct the different types of maintenance, as well as how to maintain proper records. Addi-tional topics can include: Ventilation, Air Sealing and Insulation, Building Enve-lope Issues, Indoor Air Quality, Energy Efficient Lighting, Water Conservation, and Health and Safety Issues.


Cost for this training is $1,200. Written Exam $250. Field Exam $400

To register, call Dolores at 716-659-1205


Contact: Training Manager at 718-659-1205