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Dense-Pack Insulation Installation Workshop

February 12, 2018, 9:00 AM - 4:30 PM
Hadley (20 miles from Saratoga Springs), NY

This rare hands-on field training event will cover technique and best practices for “dense packing” insulation installation using on a real project site (not staged or using props). Discussion will cover properly configuring and adjusting the insulation blower to achieve dense pack goals, using testing and verification techniques with an infrared camera to confirm that the required density is being met to avoid future sagging. This training includes individual mentoring for all participants.

Proper installation techniques and best practices do not always come naturally to installers. Even installers that have been doing this work for years can benefit from a hands-on upgrade to their technique. This training will take a step-by-step approach to teaching the “how and why” behind each action. Through hands-on exercises you’ll use an infrared (IR) camera to collect, capture, and diagnose thermal findings.

The Trainer: Gary Goodman has 40 years of hands-on experience installing dense-pack insulation.

The Site: We will be insulating the Lynwood Baptist Church - a country church built in 1869.

The Cost: $349 cost has been discounted by BPCA to $249. BPCA members and Efficiency First members also get an additional 10% off ($225). Onsite lunch and free parking are included. REGISTER BY CLICKING ON 'MORE INFORMATION' BELOW.

This workshop provides 4 BPI continuing educational units (CEU's). 

Two classes for one: This class will be limited to 20 participants. If we have more than 20 registrations, we will add a second day on February 15th as an alternative date. In this case, the first people who sign up for Monday Feb 12 are welcome to attend Thursday Feb 15 training for free to reinforce the content.

- Dense pack cellulose insulation 101 on February 12 starting at 9:00 am, ending at 4:30 pm.

- Dense Pack cellulose insulation 102 on February 15 starting at 9:00 am, ending 4:30 pm

Contact: Luis Hernandez